Right Move

We are classed as an online Estate Agent by Right Move, the UK’s most popular property search engine, where we can offer our clients the facility to advertise their park homes or holiday lodges for sale on this website. We charge a small admin fee, but we do not charge further commission on completion of a sale.

In April 2017 we were advised of a price increase of 12.2% and then in April 2018 we were advised of a 14.4% price increase by Right Move for their web services and in April 2019 we have been advised of a 23.86% increase, as such we regret having no alternative but to pass this increase on to our clients.

Regretfully, on 1st June we will have to increase our price to £245.00 + VAT, but there will still be no further estate agency commission to pay should you make a sale from a Right Move enquiry.

Enquiries from Right Move are directly emailed through to our office and immediately forwarded to the park concerned to contact the enquirer.

If you are interested in talking about advertising your park homes or holiday lodges on Right Move, please ring us on 01344 303090 or email nina@justlodges.com